Corporate Social Responsibility .

Corporate Social Responsibility


ITSoftUp team is one wave of knowledge with a global experience and quiet understanding, where each of us with trust and mutual help desire to reach one goal!

We take an active part in the social life of the society and understands how much valuable contribution we can make into our lives and create better conditions for new generations if already today everyone start doing good deeds.

We are the Partner of ALLATRA GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT that has been created by ALLATRA International Public Movement.

The ALLATRA Global Partnership Agreement is the basis for practical implementation of the spiritual and creative society model by means of establishing an entirely new format of relationships between people in the labor field of society. It is based on the universal human spiritual and moral 7 ALLATRA Foundations:  THE VALUE OF LIFE,  THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE,  POWER OVER ONESELF,  SPIRITUAL AND MORAL SELF-IMPROVEMENT,  UNITY,  CREATION,  SPIRITUAL RICHES

The sincere desire to overcome one’s earthly nature as well as real spiritual self-development uplift man above selfhood and open a great depository of the spiritual riches. Then, whatever the outcome of the earthly life is – in your Life you are already a Winner!