Experts: “In order to surpass China, the US must spend $ 25 billion on AI”.

Expert opinion on USAand China in the technological field: “In order to get ahead of China, the United States must spend $25 billion on the development of artificial intelligence.» 

At stake is the superiority in economics and geopolitics. Whoever wins the race, will become the world leader.

In recent years, the United States and China have entered into a real arms race in the field of high technology, including developments in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum measurements and the new generation 5G Internet. This is not the whole list of competitive areas. The White House administration has already declared the development of A.I. a national priority, and tightens policies in the field of information leaks and development abroad. Although such measures may also be insufficient, as the world of high technology is becoming increasingly unsafe in the field of information storage and leaks.

According to a report published by the Center for New American Security, in order to get ahead of China in the field of A.I., the United States must invest at least $ 25 billion in this industry over the next five years.

The authors of the report also focused on the fact that the United States needs to attract and create conditions for retaining talented foreign specialists in the field of programming and web development, mathematics and physics.

However, these measures may not be sufficient. US government to simplify visa requirements to attract talented professionals to live and work in the USA.

The problem is that the strict rules of entry into the United States, introduced by the current administration, do not allow people from many countries to enter, thereby making the situation in the US unattractive for foreign specialists. Many of them choose other states for work, and America, due to strict immigration policies, is becoming less competitive.

Experts also note the need to combat espionage.

Experts Separately note that it is necessary to warn in every possible way all kinds of hacker attacks with the aim of espionage, abduction of developments by other countries or private individuals.

They recommend establishing closer ties between the government and academic institutions, as well as limiting the export of chips for A.I.

Price of Success. The winner will receive a leading position in the world of the 21st century.

The increase of developments in the field of artificial intelligence, according to experts of the Center for New American Security, is not just a matter of prestige. A country that will achieve excellence in this area will dominate the economic, geopolitical and military arena throughout the 21st century. Moreover, since countries are actively using A.I. for surveillance and control, the future of democracy itself may be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, experts consider private technology companies which the current US government have publicly ignored. The fact is that they do not invest in basic research.

Bill Gates takes a different perspective on the problem of A.I. development. He believes that the United States and China should not compete in this area, but cooperate.