Google has enabled its users to control Google Assistant records.

Google has enabled its users to control Google Assistant records

Google has revised the processing of audio calls to the voice assistant Google Assistant. As stated by Google, they are now focusing on maintaining the confidentiality of user information. The head of the Google Assistant project, Nino Taska, said that this decision to change the rules for processing calls to the voice assistant was due to the dissatisfaction of many users, namely, insufficient transparency regarding the storage of information. “Recently, we were faced with user concerns about the processing of audio recordings. Users were worried that experts were listening to Google Assistant recordings to improve the quality of the service. Obviously, we did not live up to expectations and did not meet high standards. We apologize, ”Tusca explained on his blog. The Google Assistant project manager is referring to the recent scandal over the program, with which employees «systematically» listened to pieces of audio recordings of user communication with the voice assistant. Based on what Google said, only 0.2% of all records were listened to. After users and various European regulatory bodies rebelled, Google suspended the practice and initiated an internal investigation. And now the American corporation gives users the ability to control their data using the Voice & Audio Activity (VAA) settings. In addition, by default, communication records with the assistant will not be recorded, as it was before[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]