Leak indicates Windows 10X is preparing an operating system for IoT.

Leak indicates Windows 10X is preparing an operating system for IoT

In 2020, expect the release of the operating system, Windows 10X; which Microsoft has developed for two-screen monitors and conventional laptops. Yet it seems that this case will not be limited.

According to a new job publication on LinkedIn, Microsoft is preparing the next-generation IoT (Internet of Things) operating system based on Windows 10X. Thisи is quite logical, because there are similar solution, which based on Operation system Windows 10 IoT Core. In particular, it can operate single-paying computers i.e. Raspberry Pi, whereby the system has a graphical interface and the ability to launch UWP applications.

It is difficult to learn any details or technical aspects of the system from the description, as of yet. It will be very undemanding to «iron» and modular. This will solve, at least in part, the problem of compatibility on different platforms.
At the moment there is no information about when such a system can come out, how much it would cost, its requirements and opportunities.

Overall, the Redmond Corporation has consistently promoted its idea of universal applications and a universal OS. This is expected to allow you to use the same «ten» for folding devices, laptops, HoloLens and even Xbox while maintaining software compatibility.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]