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TOP 10 web development frameworks.

Web development standards often evolve and are hard to keep up with. The frameworks help to solve this problem. But here another problem arises — a lot: flexible and rigid, light and bulky, in PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript. How to understand all this? We have prepared for you a compact selection of tools for web…

Native vs hybrid applications.

According to statistics from different Analytics, we spend 90% of all time on the phone in applications. In mobile development, some of the most heated debate is around native and hybrid development. Which one to choose? After all, they are so similar and there is no absolute leader. IT Softup has experience in developing both….

How the idea of ​​creating secure data exchange was born from former developers of ANB, Google and Amazon Web Services.

According to a reliable source, this idea came from a group of engineers working among themselves, who were former employees of the United States National Security Agency, as well as Google and Amazon Web Services. All connected with the development of new algorithms and functions, as well as during the creation of new inventions, developers...

A.I. algorithms will help eliminate the blur in photos.

Scientists from the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence (national research organisation based in the UAE), Beijing Institute of Technology, and Stony Brook University (New York) have developed a new form of artificial intelligence that removes the blur in photos. The model distinguishes between objects and faces of people. To train the algorithm, a data set…
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