Mobile Application Development for PZU.


Hybrid Mobile Application Development.

 The main task was to create hybrid mobile application for users that can easily and comfortable use mobile app for fast photos of vehicles with automatic linking of specific transaction with ability to work online and offline.


 For cross platform app has been chosen Ionic platform with AngularJS to reaches its maximum potential. Ionic is highly reliable, because of use with well-tested programming languages. With AngularJS, it allows for the creation of complex and extraordinary apps.


 The PZU Mobile Agent application is used to take photos at the vehicle inspection stage for PZU Auto insurance with next main features:

  • the right amount and quality of vehicle photos;
  • automatic linking of photos with a specific transaction under the policy and automatic settlement of these photos;
  • the ability to work online and offline;
  • automatic refresh of task statuses;
  • signature recognition.

Technology used: Ionic + Angular + ngrx(redux).