TOP 10 web development frameworks.

Web development standards often evolve and are hard to keep up with. The frameworks help to solve this problem.

But here another problem arises — a lot: flexible and rigid, light and bulky, in PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript.

How to understand all this?

We have prepared for you a compact selection of tools for web development.


5 backend frameworks



The Express JavaScript framework is the most popular currently.

They are available to Accenture, IBM and Uber, as well as other frameworks such as Kraken, Sails and Loopback.

It is minimalistic, fast and very flexible. Uses all the advantages and power of Node.js, supports the REST API.

The disadvantage junior developers is too much flexibility.


Popular among Google, YouTube, Instagram framework for web development in Python.

It has a Model-View-Template — structure and a bunch of useful functions: authentication, messaging, routing, working with the database, the admin part of the site.

It is very safe and fulfills important protection principles on its own.


This is a Ruby framework with the classic Model-View-Controller structure. Rails is awesome at Airbnb, GitHub, Hulu, and Shopify.

It is not too simple, as it seems at first glance.

The disadvantage is the complicated process of deployment and launch on production.

Gems, packages, and a library that can be connected to the application.

In general, the Rails community is very strong. There are many training resources on the Internet according to the framework.


The MVC framework for the popular web language is PHP. Laravel is young, but already quite popular.

API support is available out of the box and there are many useful features.

The downside is poor performance compared to Django or Express, which is a significant minus.


The Java framework is professional, flexible, and highly reliable.

It can work independently of each other.

Learning Spring can be a cool alternative if you have a poor knowledge of Java.


5 frontend web development frameworks

This section is dominated by the JavaScript programming language.



Angular’s specialization is full-fledged single-page (SPA). In this, it is the best and it was appreciated by Microsoft and Paypal.

TypeScript is used for development, the framework itself imposes its vision of the application on the programmer.

JS frameworks and SEO unfriendliness. Although the latter is possible to fix the optimization.


It is more of a component library for web development than a framework.

However, it is quite popular.

React from Facebook that introduced “trend” for the component architecture and virtual DOM.

Development is carried out on JavaScript — JSX, it is a mixture of JS with HTML.

It can be used not only on the client, but also on the server side.


It was a project of one of the developers of Google, which later became one of the popular JavaScript frameworks.

It is easily integrated into existing projects. Its architecture and ecosystem make it possible to create complex applications at minimal cost.

This framework has managed to gain recognition from front-end developers around the world.


In 2015, Ember became the best JavaScript framework and has been popular to this day. Used by Google, Microsoft, Heroku, and Netflix.

Out of the box — two-way data binding is available, the main goal is to maximize developer productivity.


Lightweight and stylish MV framework for building SPA.

It has a rich ecosystem, has a dependency — Underscore library.

The combination of Mustache and Puppet allows you to create full-fledged client applications.



They all have their own personality.

Each includes different approaches, methods and behavior in development.

React, Angular and Vue have long fought for leadership, although the rest do not graze the rear.

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